My dorm/studio

Pictures of the place were I spend most of my time. Sleep, eat, create, study and repeat. That’s why I call it the dorm and studio, all at once. I’m moving back to my city this week, so it’s about time I had shared this.

Dorms… that small place were you probably can’t paint the walls, so you feel like you’re living in a super depressive room and there’s no smell or sound that would make the atmosphere appropriate. Or is it?

I live in a dorm room at my University. It’s the best experience one could have during college. Having everything near is priceless (including people). A few months ago Alison Lisa Horn had posted pictures of her studio and I remembered I had been taking snapshots of my room since the semester started.
I used to live in a bigger room with bright green and lilac walls and had the best room-mate in the world. This last year it’s just me in a smaller room with ugly walls. 

This semester I decorated with purple and gold. I love the color combination and the mood that it brings. The gold/yellow objects reflect much more light into the room. Light is what I’m aiming for specially since I have trouble seeing and concentrating in a bad lit place. I was mostly inspired by the pictures of Klimt on the main wall (I always have Klimt on my rooms it seems).

My polka dot bedding was done by my mother about seven years ago, and it is still my favourite.

A handmade voodoo doll.

Scarves drawer.

Shoes under my bed.

My towel rests on a wire hanger… that bow refuses to stay pretty.

A bunch of gold things… but you can’t see it, do you?

The golden plate display. The mannequin holding my bracelets was actually a Barbie wig display. 😛

On this golden plate I put which ever nail polish I’m currently using. These by Blackheart are definitely show stoppers. I absolutely love the skulls with the color layers.

Some of the jewellery on the golden box I had made.

This is the sink area. I have some handmade soaps laying around. Cheap candles that no longer exist as I write this.
If you notice my keys dangling you’ll know the sink is right at the entrance of the room.

Behind the door I’ve got a Kandinsky calendar.

My little fridge is actually my inspiration mood board/bulletin board. Featuring DIY magnets, a gilded Charlize Theron and a YM Magazine tear sheet from early 2000’s.

Above the fridge, some Chaplin love.

My door and how it looked this weekend thanks to my friends who wanted to cheer me up during finals. ♥

My view from the window. I actually took this last night. The sky really looks purple in Puerto Rico. 😛
So in conclusion, it is not impossible to make a college room cozy. Even if you like to keep things minimal.

I’m curious, how many of you have lived (or live) in a dorm or small studio? How do you cope with it? ♥

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  1. I lived in a dorm my first year of college but rented a room in a house starting at age 19, eventually getting my own studio apartment myself by the time I was 21. I just moved into a loft apartment in downtown DSM and it is amazing. I love living in my own place because of the freedom to make things look the way I want, it’s just harder to decorate an entire apartment the way I want to considering it takes so much time and money!

    1. I had moved out at 18 and lived in several apartments trough the years. But it is at the dorm were I’ve felt most happy. It is also the most secure place of them all so that helps one be tranquil. Eventually I will move out to an apartment again.
      I agree the larger the place the harder to actually decorate. However much inspiration your way to make your place cozy with out breaking the bank. 🙂

  2. Was wondering around in your blog, and found this! I miss those great dorm/studio memories with you and the other girls. And I still have the puzzles that decorated the walls in our old dorm room! I have a little lilac room at my house, and was wondering what color i should paint my own room, so i guess in honor to good times I’ll make it bright green! Love U