New Japan Funbox Review


A few days I go I received this box directly from Osaka, Japan! It’s the new Japan Funbox, a monthly subscription service of candy and snacks that includes the latest fads and limited edition releases packed by hand. Keep reading to see what I got!


Whistle Candy (in Plain Flavor)
Kiss Mint
Kiss Mint
Delicious Moist Strawberry
Pretz Tomato Taste
Kajiriccho – Grape and Soda



Japan Funbox is a new monthly subscription service filled with candies and snacks. They offer 3 type of boxes: Family, Original, and Mini (which is the one I’m reviewing today!)

The Mini Funbox ($14.99/month) comes with 5-7 Items and free, Worldwide Shipping. Apparently, my box had a bit of trouble when arriving the US as a bag of Pizza Potato Chips was taken out due to country regulations. However everything else arrived with no issues. The package came with a printed guide that has interesting facts about each sweet included in your box. Speaking about sweets, here are my thoughts on what I received.

I had never seen or tried before the Whistle Candy (in Plain Flavor) from Coris. It came with a small and cute box with a surprise  toy inside! The guide says that one can use this candy to whistle!

Another interesting Snack was the Delicious Moist Strawberry. It tastes like Strawberry-milk cereal. These crunchy spheres have a puffy cereal texture and are covered with a creamy, strawberry flavour.

The Kiss Mint Gums are literally Orange Juice in your mouth. My family and friends all agree that this chewing gum is great ( I made everyone try it). I really loved the packaging too! The silver box looks so fancy.

Now, drum-roll please! My favourite snack was the Pretz Tomato Taste from Glico. These lasted for a few minutes, because they taste like woah and make a perfect snack for those painting intervals.

You now I’m a gal with a sweet tooth. I love snacks! Whenever I find new services that deliver the goodies right into my mail box I am interested. If you are into it as well -I think this is something your taste buds will enjoy. Check out the Original ($32.99/month for 15-20 Items) sized box which includes 1 DIY Kit, and 1 Special Item (like toys, drinks, ect). This month, the Original box came with limited edition, Halloween black potato chips from Calbee, as well as Pokemon miniature figures!

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