NYC: Shows, Impressions and Places to Visit

This was my face for Day 3 of Triton Fest

Finally, here’s the last post of my NYC trip. Rants and memories from the last shows I attended (including a brief on Day 3 of Triton Festival and Peter Hook). My general impressions of New York. Plus a list of shops and other amusing things to see/visit in NYC.

Shorts about the shows:

+Day 3 of Triton Festival was great as well. I did not take my camera (being handicapped like this puts me in a bad mood). However, my friend Caeli joined the fun along with Chris and Willie! We got to see all the bands that played that night. Including God Module, Grendel, Combichrist and Ludovico Technique (totally fell in love with their show). Actually, I dare say that God Module and Ludovico Technique were the bands with the darkest performance.
I found this pretty cool post about the Triton Festival experience from Chriss Holland. Also, if you missed my posts about Day 1 (with many pictures) and Day 2 check them out.

+I had the chance to go to Peter Hook and the Light “Movement” / “Power, Corruption & Lies” show as well. It took me a while to get front row. However the show was so EPIC! It wasn’t until the last two songs when I managed to move away from the sweat provided by the frenzy postpunk dancers and almost cried at the double encore that included Blue Monday and Love will tear us apart!

+I was going to attend an Alcest/Anathema Show (pretty much the reason I stayed so many days at NYC). That day I got lost after travelling endless hours on the train (from Astoria Blvd to Brooklyn and back again). By the time I arrived to the venue, I got to listen to four Anathema songs (Epic nonetheless!). At least I got to see some friends and greet the Alcest boys. As a side note: When I was in Argentina, Anathema played a show there (a show I missed as well). Jinx/Curse?

*New York has the dirtiest underground trains I’ve laid my eyes on. Well, big cities are dirty but damn!
*You can reach many places by train but it takes time. For such a fast paced city it’s awful that New Yorkers Have Longest Commute in the U.S. Prepare your schedules ahead and add extra hours in case you need to change paths/plans.
*Do have GPS/internet on your smart phone.
*Always check out events going on at Irving Plaza, Webster Hall and other concert venues. There’s always something interesting!
*Take extra cash for Taxis. Do take them when needed (or get mad and loose an Anathema show).
*I stayed at this Hostel. It was cheap, super clean and friendly. Yes, I would stay there again.
*It’s cheaper and easier to eat healthy in NY (compared to Puerto Rico).
*Talk and meet locals, they know better. You might get the chance to explore so many more places with their help.

Personal List of Sight Seeing in New York
Places I went to, or want to visit on my next trip.

+Gothic Renassaince: The infamous Gothic Store of NYC. An obligatory Stop for all visitors. So many gorgeous things there, specially the merchandise from Shrine of Hollywood.

+Trash and Vaudeville: Another big alternative store (surrounded by piercing places). Great for buying creepers!

+Jekyll & Hyde Club: Restaurant and Bar I totally want to go eat here! They even have a Haunted House attraction during all month of October.

+Peter’s Tree: Peter Steele memorial tree and bench located at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. A nice homage made by Peter’s Fans.

+Metropolitan Museum Cloisters: “devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe […] including exquisite illuminated manuscripts”

+Dorian Gray: NYC’s It Dark night. Highly fashionable and with a dance floor filled with Industrial, 80’s, Post-punk and Goth music on Wednesdays.

+Obscura Antiques & Oddities Actually read about this place on this post about the Triton Fest experience.

+Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Obligatory Grave Walking!

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  1. I like your makeup and necklace very much 🙂
    I don’t like small towns, but I can’t even imagine living in such a big one! I hate commuting and public transport ://
    And the names of the locations you listed are sooo soooo tempting! 😀

  2. Hi, I’ve recently stumbled upon you blog and I really like it 🙂 It’s always a pleasure finding other alternative blogs 🙂 Aaaand – I really like your NYC tips, hopfully I will be able to check them out one day