5 Reasons to love Kawaii Box +Giveaway

Behold, it’s time for October’s Kawaii Box unboxing as well as a Giveaway!

If you are a long time reader, you know I’ve featured the monthly subscription service were you get 10-12 cute products every month and how much joy it brings to me. If you are new to my blog, welcome to my odd corner of inspiration (enjoy your stay!).

Total dork face while I hold the sea-creatures-stickers upside down, because derp.

Sometimes I suspect they know my obsessions: Jewellery stickers, nail art and kitties.

Candies… or not?! (Meiji DIY Sushi-Bar Gummies are never disappointing!)

Here are five reasons why I love the Kawaii Box:

1 Receiving a Kawaii Box ensues a surprise factor. You have no idea what’s inside the box but you cherish cute un-boxings.

2 Whether you receive jewellery stickers (perfect for decoden, make-up looks, customizing your phone or journal) or DIY Candy Kits, the Kawaii Box always includes items that spark creativity.

3 Sometimes I’m not having the best day ever. All of a sudden, along came the mail man with a box full of adorable happiness. My kind of positive vibes.

4 A nice way to update your stationary collection with cute pens, envelopes and stickers. Definitely motivates you to start sending those postcards you’ve got piling up.

5 Because it’s a perfect way to gift a loved one that enjoys Japanese and Korean cute things! *hint: xmas and bdays are around the corner*

Need more proof? Check out my unboxing video! (Ignore the gush of loud rain that may disrupt your video viewing pleasures.) XD

For the opportunity to get one of these adorable looking, joy-filled boxes enter the Giveaway, here.

If you can’t wait, go on and subscribe here! ♥

This Kawaii Box was kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes.

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  1. OH GOSH LOOOOL cute poop lolli pop – thanks for that, I’m crying! Love those boxes but same as laura i would end up being a hoarder so i wont start with them again (that unless someone creates one with bats, spiders & glitter & faeries O_O°)