Style: Basic OOTD + New Greens

I wanted to show you guys my new green roomies and I took pictures of my casual outfit that day as well.

The first one looks like a succulent. A lil’ cactus in the middle and the biggest one has pretty leaves. I’ve been taking good care of them but I actually want to know more about the actual species. So I’ve been browsing a lot on the net.
They make great companionship in my tiny college room. I can’t wait to see them grow and be able to move them to bigger pots.

Super basic look for a long but fun day. I had class early in the morning and I ride a bike to get there, so wearing lengthy dresses or skirts that will get stuck is a no-no. Went to lunch with friends and later at night visited the 6th European Film Festival celebrated in San Juan.

► Classic Cropped Jean Jacket I borrowed from my mother.
► DIY Pretty Hate Machine NIN shirt
► The best shorts I’ve encountered so far, from American Eagle. They have the perfect length!

The look is sprinkled with black tights, burgundy combat boots and those cat eye sun-glasses that I don’t remember where I got them (maybe from Forever 21?).

Does any of you have indoor plants? ♥

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  1. En el área de la cocina tengo 2 suculentas y un cactus. El cactus y una de las suculentas se les da un poquito de agua una vez al mes y la otra suculenta una cucharadita semanal. L@s tuyas están super pretty. Cuando las vayas a mover a un tiesto más grande, recuerda usar la tierra ideal para cada especie. ¡Besos y éxito!

    1. Mil gracias por compartir esta información Maria!
      Tengo que empaparme entonces sobre que tierra usar. Todavía están adaptandoce al nuevo entorno pero creo que el mes que viene las muevo.
      Un abrazo!

      1. ummm a lot of herbs, a carnivore plant, black grass, a ‘mimose’, ivy, moar ivy, moar ivy XD and currently growing tomatoes, nightphlox, more herbs, black peppers and admitting i placed an order for even more plants already… <- see. jungle. barely any furniture but plants, plants, plants. but i have to admitt those succulents are looking really interesting, too 🙂

  2. Your outfit is super-cute!. I love your wee succulents too. I heard once that it’s good for you to have something living in each room in your house and now it’s my dream to have a house full of (low-maintenance) plants. lol

    1. Thank you, Ali!
      There’s something engaging in having plants. I’ve got to admit, the sole activity of watering them and looking at them makes me happy.
      I’ve read that succulents are quite the trend lately because of the easy up-keep; not to mention how varied and beautiful they are. Flower bouquets every-once in a while always do the trick as well. 😀
      Hope you can fulfil your dream! ♥