Pokemon Makeup | NYX PR Face Awards

This is my entry for the Anime Challenge proposed by the #NYXPRFaceAwards.
Every vote counts in order to keep playing in the next round of the NYX PR Face Awards. You can vote every 8hrs and help me stay in the competition, it’s your call! This is the link where you can vote FACE Awards.
Share this with your friends and let’s catch ’em all (the Pokemon and the Top 5 in the NYX competition)!

I opted for an avant-garde, Pokemon inspired take on make up. Kinda impromptu as I went sketching them in my face. So glad I got to make Articuno (my favourite Pokemon) on my arm-chest area because he’s quite large, haha.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has been reaching out to me, sending heartwarming messages and supporting me trough this wild journey. Whatever the outcome I’m glad you are part of it. Let’s keep having fun!

Curious how I got here? You can view my NYX experience and unboxing in this vlog. ♡

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