How to customize your converse shoes!

Polkadots from space

Step by step on how I painted old converse sneakers.


+ Old converse *or any canvas shoes
+ Acrylic Paint
+ Brushes
+ Glass of water (for the brushes)
+ Tape
+ Newspaper *not an obligation
+ Permanent markers *depends on your project
+ Towel
+ Thread and needle

These are my first converse shoes. They used to be cotton-candy pink.

Wash them before the procedure (in a washing machine) and let them dry

Cover with tape the areas you dont want to paint by mistake.

take off the label

save them for later

start painting the tongue

remember to do this on a crafty-safe place… πŸ˜› News papers would be nice if you don’t want to paint the floor

let dry the tongue and paint the rest

let dry and give them a second hand of paint

Add designs

let dry and also give a second hand of paint

you can customize your shoe laces too, i painted mine (they used to be baby blue)…

I decided to accentuate my polkadots with a black permanent marker

give a second hand of the things you’ve done with permanent marker…

Clean excess of eyelets with a damp towel (you can also buy your own eyelets for ex.: variety!)

sew the label back in (i chose black thread, because i can… :P)

give attitude to your shoe laces with beads and or buttons

Wear them forever
…and float trough space

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  1. Que bellos!!! que mal que no puedo hacer lo mismos ya que todos los que tengo son como que negros con algun color jejeje y es dificil pintar sobre negro πŸ™