Polly Pocket Collection

 Too many hours spent in these little worlds, miniatures that expand in our imaginary worlds.

I really loved playing with my Polly Pockets, in fact every-time I encounter them I spend hours looking at all the colours and details. It’s quite inspiring.  Each one of them was like a little book with hundreds of stories to choose from.  Well one of them is actually shaped like a book as you can tell from the picture above! It’s quite sad that this type of toy ceased it’s production. Though now I own a pretty, vintage collection of toys.

First off: My favourite one of them all! With such a nice pallet of reds, magentas and pinks.

A hidden jewel in a gilded chest.

Koala pet House. And sadly the Polly lost her arm.

The first Polly Pocket I ever owned: a school.

The second one. It’s also a pencil case.

The car alone was pretty awesome.

One of the two nurseries. Both came with two babies.

Part of the second nursery, both had some sort of comforter pattern on the outside.



Icecream store that really smells like candy!

Dog keeper

Bunny keeper

Cat lady

A book of mermaids! This one has lights, I used to play with it at night ^^

The pop up mansion

with a big show inside!

The ball of jewels, it includes a purple heart necklace and tons of secret hiding places for the little plastic jewels!

And a few random Polly dolls from separate kits I own.

More inspiration


  1. Omg Naelle I used to love Polly Pocket when I was a kid too! I had so many! It’s amazing how a thing so little can fascinate a kid so much! If you think that a lot of times I chose Polly Pocket over Barbies 😛 Now that I saw your collection I’m sad because I gave them all away to some cousins or friend’s children. 🙁 I want my Polly Pocket back!

    1. So glad this brought memories to you as well, Elisa! I hope that whoever owns your Polly Pockets is enjoying them as much as you did back then!
      Now that you mention it, I spent hours dressing up my Barbies; but there’s something about immersing yourself into a miniature world. Engaged in awe upon the beauty of the toy itself. ♥