Prom Night: 14 Dresses for the Darkly Inclined

I remember not wanting to go. I considered the occasion a waste of my time, but mostly it was the bad music what made me gag. My friends described Prom Night as that once in a life opportunity to feel like a rockstar walking down the red carpet. While I didn’t care about these things, my friends were really looking forward to it and expected me to join them. So after refusing during all my high-school years, I accepted the challenge and tagged along at the last minute.
But, I had no idea what could I wear.

Years later, I find myself browsing Tops Wedding’s dress inventory and I confirm that there are so many beautiful prom dresses that I wish I’d know of back then. You can choose your preferred fabric colour (which means they all come in black, purple, burgundy or any dark gem stone hue). It’s all about your personality and style. Have fun, pick a theme and get creative.

Here are my favourite dresses from

Classic, fluttery and dark.

It’s Hecate’s dress, for a night of magic.

A touch of 80’s.

For the Vintage Gal (and it also comes in black!).

Mesh and Lace.

For the Vampire Queen (also can be bought in black).

Studded shoulders for a heavy night!

Modern Take on Morticia.

A touch of German science-fiction.

For the Dark Mermaid

This one would look awesome with some combat boots sneaking out!

For the darkest of them all! (and you can totally reuse this dress for goth clubbin’ as well)

Check out more prom dresses at their site.

Once I arrived to my prom party, I mostly stayed with my friends outside. We were talking about the same funny things we’d talk between classes, only this time we weren’t wearing our uniforms and looked all dapper. Better yet, we had officially celebrated closure to the annoying years of high-school!

Did you go to your prom? What did you wear? ♥

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  1. Oh man, too bad we don’t have proms right here! I would have totally worn at least 5 of these dresses! The website is called Top Wedding tho right? So I can totally wear one of these for my wedding! Ok, who am I kidding, I don’t think a wedding where I’m the bride will happen very soon (or maybe never XD) so I could wear one of these dresses as a wedding guest. Right? No? Oooookkkk 🙁

    1. As I wrote the post, I secretly wished to go to my prom again, sporting some of these dresses as well. XD
      I hope there’s an opportunity for the both of us to look fancy. 😀