Shop Update: Watercolour Prints and Stickers

I finally made some prints and stickers out of my work and I couldn’t be happier. It was a very hands-on experience where I had the opportunity to choose the types of paper/materials and printing techniques. I also cut everything myself.

For the Glory of Venus print I chose Fabriano 50% cotton paper, which is the exact paper I used for the original painting. This way I’m keeping the same texture and feel of the paper.

For the rest of the prints I chose Textured Somerset Paper which is 100% cotton, and gives the most beautiful effect. All the prints are acid-free and archival.

I made a limited edition, hand embellished with gold ink print of my favorite painting: Persephone. These are numbered and signed.

I also went to an art festival, where I showcased these prints and stickers for the first time!

And yes, I printed stickers!!! 💖

Even made some collectable, hand packed sets!

Above the Leviathan Lovers print.

Finding a printing company that would do exactly what I had in mind was a challenge. As a photographer, I’m obsessive about the quality, colour and finish of prints. Perhaps these are great accets to have if you are in charge of your finished product.

The guy that was helping me out at the print shop was listening to Gothic rock, so I took that as a good omen. And it was, because the prints turned out amazing (and I also got some goth bar recommendations)!

Needless to say I’m very proud how the quality of everything turned out. I hope you are too! 😭💙 Get your favorites at the shop.

Happy Valentines! 🖤

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