Sketchbook: A Menina

It’s been like forever since I did my last Sketchbook log. This is a small warm up experiment I did on my redbubble sketchbook with watercolours, a ballpoint pen, a pencil colour, jasmine tea and white acrylic paint.

The watercolour tubes I used here (a gift from a childhood friend) are quite nice, and not extremely powdery but I only have blue and purple. I also used a pink watercolour pencil from a kit I snatched from my mother aeons ago. I’m thinking of getting a watercolour set/or individuals tubes, those things can last very long. I’ll update around these parts if I decide to invest, but for now I want to use up all I have left! πŸ˜€

I hadn’t played with watercolours since 2006 and now I’m very excited to swim in these waters. Ha! β™₯

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