Waves: Solstafir’s Ótta ~Unboxing & Review

I pre-ordered Sostafir’s Ótta a few months ago from Season of Mist and it arrived back in August. I’ve been listening to this album for a while and it’s beautiful.

From Iceland with passion: A blend of Rock and Post-Metal arrived in the form of a Deluxe Digibox (limited to 5000 copies). Sólstafir delivers their fifth release. It includes the Ótta Digipak, the “Tilberi” bonus CD, a flag (that I’m using as a poster), a metal pin and a high-quality embroidered patch.
The box has an elegant play of glossy and matte surfaces that make the memorable photography and artwork stand-out.

I’ve been busy with classes so it took me a while to upload this video. Let alone writing something coherent about it. However here’s the un-boxing video featuring the track “Middrgi”:

I love previous work of Solstafir, but after tasting the night with Ótta; Svartir Sandar might have been the Odyssey to deliver this precious gem. While maintaining their experimentation and style of their previous album, Ótta feels more fluid and sincere.
The album starts with the nostalgic, piano driven “Lágnatti”. This track increases into layers of rock guitar and leads way onto “Ótta”, a cold track that warms up progressively the whole album experience. By the time “Midaftanu” is playing it’s hard not to think this song is suspended in time, waiting to be discovered all over again. The album closes with “Náttmál”‘s psychedelic twist.

The whole album creates beautiful ups and downs that feel natural. It’s a very textured release that combines various instruments and atmospheres. Eight solid tracks filled with layers that pulsate on your skin, raw and nocturnal.
Certainly, another album that will be part of my Top 10 Best Albums of 2014.

Favourites: “Lágnatti”, “Náttmál”, “Midaftanu” and “Ótta”.

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