Some Girls Are Sad: I

I finally started working on a new series of drawings. Here’s the first one.

A WIP picture were you can see my tools of trade (a Sharpie and a pencil) …And those delicious chocolates that the sweet one brought me. YUM!


If you are wondering…
It’s for sale. $20 plus shipping. Email me if interested

More inspiration


  1. It’s really pretty! On seeing the pink/purple one peeking out, I had an idea; you could scan/photograph this at high resolution, then print in laser print on some water-colour paper and then do a series of different colourings for it.

    1. Thank you! Someone suggested I made colour prints of this yesterday. Once I finish with the Sad Girl Project I can’t wait to work with colours again. Making prints sounds like a nice idea. I’ve never done prints of my drawings. Will hold on to that idea 😉