Stunning Summer : 7 Cruelty Free Favourites

Join me as I chronicle how these seven cruelty free, beauty finds became staples in my beauty regimen. From eyes to feet, these ethic beauty products meet honest reviewing!

Jeffree Star : Weirdo
The Jeffree Star make-up brand has been around for a while. I was not really interested by it (thinking of his myspace days) until I was looking for the BEST Black Liquid Lipstick on the market. After looking at numerous swatches, I noticed that Weirdo seemed the most opaque of the bunch. I wasn’t expecting much (most make-up brands today are all hype) and the packaging design -while pretty- didn’t speak to me.

Weirdo arrived quickly after I placed my order (fast shipping is always a bonus!), so the next day I packed it onto my lips and encountered a really nice surprise! It goes smoothly and opaque after one layer. It dries matte, but it has a patent leather finish making your lips luscious instead of flat. It lasted for about 5 hours with no need of retouching. The only thing I’d change about this product is the applicator, since I feel it’s too big to line the lips (you can always use a lip brush to do so, tho). I was so impressed with this product, that I’m looking forward to the brand’s product expansion! Jeffree, you got me this time.

Colourpop : Lumiere
One of my favorite instagram makeup voices Noirojos, had compared this lippy to Kat Von D’s Lovecraft. Five bucks seemed the perfect way for me to try a hue like this (I find it hard to pull off pinks and nudes) as well as trying Colourpop lipsticks. Along came two Lumiere lippy stix in the mail (one for me and one for my friend Annie) and the rest is history. It became my everyday lipstick (for work, for the weekend and for those no make-up makeup looks). The texture is great, it smells really good and comforting and it lasts about 4 hours! The only darkside is the packaging, white gets VERY dirty, the font faded and the bottom cracked! Certainly it shows how much love I’ve given to Lumiere (currently reaching the end of the product!)
For the record: Lumiere is more bright than Lovecraft.

Swatches on my -now tanned- hand.


Supergoop! : Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40
Speaking of unwanted tans AND Summer favourites, let me showcase my love for this Supergoop! Sunscreen. I was looking for a water/mineral based sunscreen that matched the rest of the junk I put on my face in a daily basis. I wear this everyday prior to sun exposure. It doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t leave a white cast, nor has a fragrance which is a WIN! Love!

Earth Therapeutics : Natural Sierra Pumice Stone
I walk a lot! That being said, I really enjoy giving myself pedicures. My mom taught me to use pumice stones for my feet and I’m glad she did because this is what really makes them soft after weeks of corpse walking. The other cool thing about these stones is that they last for a LONG time.
I hadn’t seen pumice stones for a while, so when I saw this one at Ulta, I knew I had to try it. I’m so glad it’s the real thing that I’m getting one for my mother as well!

Kat Von D : Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette
Many conversations with my friend and aesthetic confidant, Annie were packed with academic and life struggles in which the KVD palette was mentioned in between. I watched reviews of it on youtube, generously. Trying to find a reason that would make me reason why I shouldn’t buy this product. One day, as I strolled around my nearest Sephora, my eyes looked at the clean and organized KVD aisle (because, OTHER Sephora’s are dirty -_-‘) and right before I checked out I picked up the box!

This palette filled a huge gap in my personal make-up collection. The mirror has been incredibly useful and the overall design is too gorgeous to not fall in love. The everyday look is now easier to achieve -while on the run- with a pressed pallete! I love the arrangement of the colours, the black shade performs exceptionally pigmented, all the highlight shades are on point and I even found a new eyebrow shade called Saleos.
Why did I take so long to purchase this gem?

LAVANILA : The Healthy Deodorant
Annie recommended Lavanila to me. So I bought a travel size of Pure Vanilla and absolutely hated it for the first week. The product was broken (the actual deodorant bar had come off from the base and smudged all over), the fragrance was too strong and a white stain was left on all my black clothing. How is it possible for this product to be in my favourites? Instead of returning it back to Sephora, I gave it a second chance.

The product is vegan, formulated with natural and organic ingredients and contains no Aluminum or Parabens. After using it for a week, my armpits were softer, lighter and protected even during the most hell-driven walks under Austin’s summer. When I went to buy another I chose the Vanilla Lavender fragrance (not as annoying as the first one IMO) and I’ve actually purchased the Sunkissed Deo Trio as well as it accentuates my tropical experience. I’m looking forward to trying the Fragrance Free version as well. The only thing that still causes displeasure is the white stain on my shirts, but having healthy underarms makes up for it (until they come up with a clear formula?)

Too Faced: SWEETHEARTS BLUSH in Candy Glow
This was a birthday gift from Annie. A soon as I opened the blush I fell in love. Goes on softly or vibrant depending on how you pack it on your brush and gives an overall healthy, glowing flush of pink. Mind you, such glow has been perfect all summer long! Let’s not forget the important role the cute packaging plays, every time I take this out of my make-up box I admire it’s beauty and an inner smile develops in my heart. After this experience, I’m so stoked with trying other Too Faced blushes!
Get yours: Sweethearts Blush

Special thanks to my friend Annie, -who as you can read- was a crucial key to the whole make-up experience this season!
What are your current summer staples? ♥

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