Style: Minimalist Goth

Minimalism in style is quite easy to grasp, specially when your wardrobe is achromatic and stripped to essentials already. However, the term Minimalist Goth may seem like a juxtaposition since Classic Gothic garments are quite elaborate. But as a creative, style choice the idea is absolutely possible.

Eyeshadow is paranoid by Kat Von D and lips are Scandalous Lip Lingerie by Nyx Cosmetics.

The dress I’m wearing I’ve had for the past sixteen years. It was from my mother, she got it at Newport News. It fits me now and even when I was way smaller in dress size. What makes it a staple is it’s super basic design. It goes well with everything in my dark closet and I can dress it up or down. It’s made of my favorite year-round fabric (cotton) so I can use it during summer and winter with no trouble.

These basic-black, 100% cotton leggings are the only ones I own (from Forever 21).

People usually splurge on coats because they want them to last a few years, I didn’t. This faux fur coat is cheaply made (from Romwe) but I was in a hurry and wanted something furry and not too warm. I bought this last winter and although it fulfilled it’s purpose I wouldn’t recommend it.

Wanted to keep a theme for accessories so I chose a bone in my hair and this sweet tooth enamel pin from Luxcups.

On the shoe department I admit I put all the effort on getting something that will last me years of heavy use. Hence I’m a fan of  Dr Marteens. These boots and shoelaces are light reflective, you can see that on the picture with flash.

This look is actually from early Spring, but as Fall arrives I’ll be wearing it once again. That’s how basic all the individual pieces are. Plus, If you live in the Southern Hemisphere then this would be appropriate winter inspiration, too.

To me, what makes minimalist styles stand out is the sleek lines and shapes of the design, the minimal colors and the basic appeal of such garments. As I add the term gothic, dark hues and textures come into play and austere rules are broken with bold makeup and hair.

If your dream closet is all dark, textured and goth then keep an eye for a series of upcoming posts featuring such elements. ♥

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