Style: Summer Hag

I’ve been hiding under umbrellas (in lack of parasols) and the shadow of trees for the past two months. Covered in sun-block, yet enjoying another all-black summer outfit.


I’ve been wearing this MAC liner SIAHI so much. It was a birthday gift from my friend Jean. At the time my hair didn’t match the liner. But as soon as it did, my hands have been reaching for it all summer long!
Kat Von D TATTOO LINER in Trooper
Dior Passion Eyes Mascara in Black


Colourpop Lippy Pencil in Wet and OCC Lip tar in Sebastian are such a perfect combo! Like made to marry one another. The wet lippy Pencil is officially my lip liner for Sebastian. One of them is a bit drying on the lips, so take note and moisturise your lips prior to lipstick. In my case, hydration (a few glasses of water) will do the trick during these hot times.

The marvellous embroidered vest is by Lip Service, certainly one of my favourite pieces. I can wear this everyday. I bought it at Dolls Kill during a huge sale they had (it was the lowest price I could find at the time). The whole Crystal Visions Collection from Lip Service was beautiful and this vest is the perfect touch of boho-goth. This ultra versatile top is very lightweight and was found at Rue 21 for only $4 bucks (the only one in the rack): WIN! Black shorts have been a quick fix all year round from tropical heat to summer hell in Austin, Texas. I bought ’em last year at American Eagle.
I’m wearing a Nail glitter vial for necklace. This one contains silver stars, it’s awesome and a very quick DIY.
Check out my black summer outfit from last summer here.

Hope all of you are protecting from the glare of summer yet enchanting (or cursing, whichever works for you during this season) your path.
Let me know in the comments below what’s your favourite UV protection trick (staying home counts!) this season. ♥

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  1. Lovely look! Where is your necklace from? It looks really pretty. ^^ I am shielding myself from the sun with an umbrella at the moment. I got this weird allergic reaction either to sun or to my sunscreen. Either way, not using the product again (on face at least!) and not walking in broad daylight!

    1. Thank you, Jade! I bought the crystal vial as part of a package of glitter for nails. They were on sale, and I saw immediate potential for making a necklace. ?
      Hope you find the culprit causing your allergy. ❤