Style: The Suitcase

I want to share my experience on how I learnt to prioritise my goals without stopping my love for alternative style. A story about a suitcase and a no buying spree.
As a disclaimer, I’m not saying you must go this route, this is just the way things worked out for me.

At some point in my life, I had a lot of clothing and not enough closet space to organise it. I didn’t even know what pieces were in it. The things that I actually liked were never on hand, but rather hiding behind clothing that didn’t fit me anymore. The more shit I owned, the more anxiety I had. And dressing up became a torture.

For the past 7 years, I’ve carried all my clothing inside one, 22 inches travel suitcase. Not only was I carrying my day to day clothes but also my pyjamas, intimates, shoes and accessories.

The marathon started during my university years. I was constantly moving from apartments, yet I loved dressing up every day. I had to think wisely: What could I fit in my suitcase for a whole year? Certainly, the tropical climate made it easier as I did not have to stuff thick coats in it, but rather flowy and thin fabrics.

I also went on a no buy practice (specifically for clothing) for over 5 years. It was not hard at all since I barely had any money and preferred to spend whatever I did have on food (because being hungry in college is real).

My friends often showered me with second-hand pieces. In fact, most of my clothing since high-school was mostly secondhand/DIY treasures. So I had some experience on how to spring within the lifestyle of barely shopping for a piece of textile to cover my body.

Limiting my space to a suitcase never felt like a restraint, in fact, it encouraged me to become more creative by mixing, matching and customising what I already own. I created so many different looks during that time! I even posted regularly to Lookbook.

Today, all my wardrobe still fits inside a 22 inches suitcase. This experiment helped me become a more conscious consumer. I was aiming towards discovering my necessities while finding creative solutions for them. Now, I only keep the things I truly love, that are essential and are adaptable to my needs.

More posts in the The Dark Closet series are coming up, stay tuned. ♥

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  1. It’s not that I have a lot of clothing but I’ve kept a lot of clothing that no longer fits in hope that someday it will. I hope that one day I’ll also be able to fit my belongings into a suitcase. It’s really admirable how you were able to minimize your wardrobe yet always create the greatest OOTD’s & looks (And I truly mean that for serials.)