Swatch Party: Portland Black Lipstick Company

Remember my love for Portland Black Lipstick Company?
To know why I fell in love with PBLC you can read my review here. But if you’re looking for some fun keep reading to see some swatches in action.
Because the love just keeps growing!!!

I recently purchased The Purple Cloud and a full sized Difficult Island. My order came with four samples which I will swatch as well.

Swatches on arm were taken with indirect sunlight.

From left to right: The Secret of Invisibility, Blood Red, Artificial Amethyst, Black Lagoon, The Purple Cloud and Difficult Island*.

Here are some close ups:

These lip swatches were taken under a fluorescent light bulb:

The Secret of Invisibility

Blood Red

Artificial Amethyst

Black Lagoon

The Purple Cloud

Last but not least here are some kisses for pigment reference:

*For lipstick swatches of Black, Indigo Bridge and Difficult Island go here.

Amazing colours with a creamy-rich formula that will last and moisturise at the same time. That’s what PBLC stands for and it hasn’t changed. This summer I’ll be wearing much Purple Cloud on my lips! I’m currently lusting over Artificial Amethyst and Blood Red (specially for autumn). I really want to try Bug’s Blood and Undead Red so I can’t wait to make my next order.

Hope this has been useful for someone if not all around colourful. ♥

NOTE: No one pays me to make these reviews or mention these products/things. I just happen to enjoy sharing my happiness.

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