Synthetic Hair Wraps

This is the hair I rocked this week and how to achieve it. It’s a temporary way to change your look and add some colour in the process.

I really need to dye my hair, but I haven’t bought all the necessary paraphernalia to do so. It occurred to me that I could cover my hair with synthetic hair in order to hide the lack of dye. A very cool thing about this project is that you can adapt it to your hair style, whether it is naturally curly, straight or in dreads!

I used 3 left over bags of 100% Kanekalon Hair (that I bought at I Kick Shins) for my synthetic dreadlocks project (you can see me wearing them on this post). I had two shiny bright purple bags and 1 darker purple (that kinda looks more natural, because it is less shiny).
*I’d recommend curly synthetic (or remy) hair for this project because it will merge better into ones real hair.

This is pretty much what I did:
[1] First I moisturised my hair and (two-strand) twisted it into sections.
[2] I braided synthetic hair to each twist to add additional length to my hair. Instead of going from top to bottom, I started braiding from the half of the twist downwards.
[3] After adding length to my hair, I then proceeded to wrap the whole twist with another strand of synthetic hair (from the top to the bottom). Covering in a wrapping motion must be done tightly to prevent the wrap from moving or falling off.
[4] When I got to the ends took a smaller piece of the synthetic hair available at the end and wrapped it around all of the remaining hair. I then secured it with a rubber band.
[5] After finishing wrapping all the hair, I boiled some water and sealed the ends by immersing them into the water (take note that my real hair was nowhere near the end of the wraps).

The installation took some time, and since I was just figuring out how to do it, some of the wraps had started to unravel on the second day (the day I took these photos). If you don’t wrap the hair tightly enough, some of the hair pieces will fall.
However, some of the hair pieces that failed to be tightly secured ended up looking like pretty curls. But others looked rather messy as you can see in the photo below. To avoid it, you can use a bit of steam to seal the whole wrap.

This style is more lightweight and malleable than synthetic dreads. Which means I was able to style it anyway I wanted. I mostly wore the hair up like an Odango bun, so the fallen sections wouldn’t show up.

For the record I’m using Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick in Poe.

I left this style on my hair for 5 days. Removing it was super easy. I just cut the tip of the boiled ends and unwrap the hair back. Then softly pulled the braid down.
I can re-use the synthetic hair to create more styles in the future. 😉

If someone is feeling adventurous enough to try this let me know how it turns out for you! Or if you have any questions, my attempt at explaining the process is quite confusing.
I’ll be attempting other hair wrapping techniques before I dye my hair and specifically before summer arrives. It’ll be too hot to try anything in a few weeks!♥

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  1. Ooh this is a great idea! I wish I was bold enough to try it, because I’m often stuck on my curly hair. Btw your bold brows are freaking gorgeous.

    1. Aww Thank you, Sol! :3 ♥
      Maybe you can try it for a special occasion? Or using your own hair colour to tone it down. Or wrapping just a few sections of the hair in your natural length to add some texture. Hmm now I’m curious of these last options. 🙂