Façade: Autumnal Amber Light


This is my autumn inspired look I came up with earlier this month. I’m obsessed with the Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve mostly done red and pink looks with it (which I love to death) so I tried using the yellows instead.

Hope you enjoy this collection of face pictures with no Photoshop (I miss you, Adobe :()

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Vision: Duende

Duende is an umbrella term for pixies, goblings and/or fairies in Puerto Rico. “¡Malditos duendes!” cursed an old man when things in his house disappeared out of the blue. Mischievous kids were referred to as duendes, tells my grandmother. If you got lost in the forest, duendes were to blame for luring you out of the path. There was a ludic and mysterious quality to these trickster creatures.

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VSCO: Gloomroom

Open the door and never look back.

Hello October, you are such a busy month every year. Now that days are shorter, I couldn’t help myself but to share pictures that evoke melancholy.

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