Façade: Autumnal Amber Light


This is my autumn inspired look I came up with earlier this month. I’m obsessed with the Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve mostly done red and pink looks with it (which I love to death) so I tried using the yellows instead.

Hope you enjoy this collection of face pictures with no Photoshop (I miss you, Adobe :()

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Façade: Tropical Flower | Makeup Tutorial

I was wandering around my patio one rainy morning and found a plant that had purple leaves and yellow dots. The visual stuck in my head and I had to use that colour palette on something.
I decided to mix various textures and colours from my garden in order to create a new plant in my face. The end result is this NYX Puerto Rico Face Awards entry, serving you with some tropical flower realness.

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Old-Fashioned Tricks: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Lotion (or Hamamelis water) is an all-natural astringent cleanser for facial care. It is made with extracts of the witch hazel plant, also known as winterbloom. This plant was used by Native Americans for medical purposes. Actual witch hazel extract has been available since the 19th century, a refreshing formulation to gently cleanse and condition the skin.

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