Artbook: Mantarraya

Mantarraya, 2011

A recent art book I had made, and finally got to document it for everyone to see. It’s a Manta Ray and inside it’s belly you can find the book and it’s contents. ♥

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Heat Wonderland

Strawberry Nom Nom Dessert

My vacations have officially begun and the heat is terrible! Finishing work while being almost naked in front of two fans, drinking water from a gallon and crushing ice with my teeth. Definitely not a glamorous lifestyle. But so far so good. I’m feeling much better from the heat stroke that got me recently. I try to take care of myself but every summer I get some sort of disease caused by the high temperatures. Amidst this turmoil, I’ve been dealing not only with my physical health but also my mental health. I need to stop feeling guilty about trying to relax.

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Bookinspo: Keys to Happiness

A vintage book from the 50s.

Originally a compilation of Reader’s Digest from the 1950s. I found this book within my house library and instantly knew I’d use it for my book altering project. I read most of it. Found a few of the reads very modern and interesting. Though I laughed at the majority of the extremely conservative essays. Such an ironic text was perfect for my plans. (Finished plans that you’ll see in my next post!)

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