Gravewalk: Real del Monte English Graveyard

I had a deep desire of visiting the Cornish graveyard in Hidalgo since I was a teenage girl. My friend had gifted me some beautiful, analog photographs he took of this graveyard and I was enthralled. Thirteen years later, I finally found myself walking through the English dead and their interesting stories.

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Gravewalk: Jolly Cemetery

I woke up very early that morning to go photo hunting with Joel. Unsure of our destination (the GPS suggested awkward routes), right in the middle of two urbanizations, was the smallest graveyard my eyes had laid eyes on. We arrived to -what’s left of- the Jolly Cemetery.
“The earliest marked grave is that of Margaret Evergreen Robinson, an eleven year old girl who died in 1872.”

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Word Spew: Graves

I don’t know why I can relate the word forever to tombs, death and such. Maybe I’ve read too many stories in which the beloved person dies and the lover says “I shall love you forever”… sort of.
It could be related to the fact that when someone dies it keeps it’s death forever. 😀
So the word and the idea mingle in my mind.

I’ve always felt an arousing love for Art and architecture concerning graves, vaults and tombs.
I can imagine myself visiting these exquisite places, imagining beautiful songs and painting faces in my head.

I found an image that captures the feeling I had as a little girl. That I could float over my sleeping body as if “I could see my self with the eyes of my soul”.

I know that this work from William Blake is not dealing with what I’m talking but… it makes sense to me. I just wanted to post this image here anyway. 😀
Yes, William Blake is admirable… His illustrations for Blair’s grave are astonishing.

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