DIY: How to Press Mineral Eyeshadows

I had all these lovely colours laying around and since I’m always on the run, loose eyeshadows rarely get used on my daily routine. For example, imagine the application of loose minerals in a bumpy car ride.
Last month I pressed most of my mineral eye-shadow samples and today I share this personal guide on how I did it.

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Customized Treasure Box

or the Gilded Vintage Tool Box

This is a vintage tool box from the 70’s.  After much brainstorming related to jewellery storage, I made this little project to refurbish and transform it into a jewellery box. Inspired by past eras and adding a touch of fun with purple glitter and that campy Halloween Bow.

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DIY Fairy Kei Vans

They match my Betsy Johnson socks!

This is a little project I did to customize these old sneakers, some acrylic paint and of course my favorite tool: nail polish! After painting them thoroughly and letting them dry I sprayed a little bit of clear sealant. After a pair of new shoelaces… behold my kitsch foot-candy.

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Say hello to the bunny demon voodoo dolls

I had made these (and few other that already went away) earlier this year but I hadn’t taken proper photos to display and sale them. They need a new home. I may sell them trough Etsy, soon!

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