Between Mountains: Utuado, Puerto Rico

Greetings from my home-town.

Found myself between routines until I received a visit from Ray. An improvised adventure was born between mountains and lakes. Two adventurers trying to find a forest, even though we were in it most of the time. Here are the photos from a beautiful time in this tropical paradise at Utuado, Puerto Rico.

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Tropical Batcaves: Cueva del Indio

It’s time for post number two! You can read everything about my first cave trip to Cueva Ventana here.

2. La Cueva del Indio
After an awesome morning at the fist cave it was time to change environment… well just a bit. So we went to our second cave after having lunch. If you go to this cave, PLEASE wear Climbing boots (or similar shoes prepared for this sort of walking) . I didn’t and my (fragile) feet ended up fucked up…

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