Old-Fashioned Tricks: Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Lotion (or Hamamelis water) is an all-natural astringent cleanser for facial care. It is made with extracts of the witch hazel plant, also known as winterbloom. This plant was used by Native Americans for medical purposes. Actual witch hazel extract has been available since the 19th century, a refreshing formulation to gently cleanse and condition the skin.

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Nail it!: Fairy Dust

Earlier this week I wanted to participate in Sophistique Noir’s monthly theme but I was busy working on other projects. I do recommend viewing the amazing things everyone blogged about this month since the theme was Vintage! For those curious, you can view a few entries I’ve tagged vintage on my blog here.

Another thing I want to talk about is Spring!

Spring is here with it’s sparkly dew. During dawn, a fairy sprinkles magic dust over the sleeping flowers. Inspired by this, I created two looks with glitter that I’m excited to share. Come see!

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Façade: Cardiac Love

I love many things (dark chocolate, some people, music, art, mythology, colours, certain atmospheres…). Everyone should know by now that I LOVE make-up. It’s Valentine’s Day so of course it’s a great excuse to draw hearts in my eyes. This is my V-day inspired make-up.

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Dreadlocks: AndromedaDreads

 The following is an AndromedaDreads appreciation post.

I got these gorgeous works of art from AndromedaDreads at Etsy. The seller offers various types of synthetic dread styles in your size and colour choice. You can choose full dread kits (perfect for a full head) and Accent Kits. The accent kits can be bought if you already own a bunch of synth dreads and just want to add some interest to those you haven’t worn in a while. Another way to take advantage of the accent kits is wearing them loosely on your hair.

But, why would I buy synthetic dreads if I have real dreads already?

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Heat Wonderland

Strawberry Nom Nom Dessert

My vacations have officially begun and the heat is terrible! Finishing work while being almost naked in front of two fans, drinking water from a gallon and crushing ice with my teeth. Definitely not a glamorous lifestyle. But so far so good. I’m feeling much better from the heat stroke that got me recently. I try to take care of myself but every summer I get some sort of disease caused by the high temperatures. Amidst this turmoil, I’ve been dealing not only with my physical health but also my mental health. I need to stop feeling guilty about trying to relax.

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