Style: Minimalist Goth

Minimalism in style is quite easy to grasp, specially when your wardrobe is achromatic and stripped to essentials already. However, the term Minimalist Goth may seem like a juxtaposition since Classic Gothic garments are quite elaborate. But as a creative, style choice the idea is absolutely possible.

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Triton Festival: Day 1

The Cruxshadows

The first night was great! I was in front row (Arena) for all the bands that night. Actually, it was the best night since I managed to take my camera inside the Gramercy Theatre during the event (sorry guys!). Happy me is happier with a camera in hand. Here’s what I wore on the first night, pictures of the event and a video. Let the show begin!

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DIY Fairy Kei Vans

They match my Betsy Johnson socks!

This is a little project I did to customize these old sneakers, some acrylic paint and of course my favorite tool: nail polish! After painting them thoroughly and letting them dry I sprayed a little bit of clear sealant. After a pair of new shoelaces… behold my kitsch foot-candy.

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