Unboxing: Graze Snacks

I got my first Graze box this week and thought I’d share it here, for it turned out to be quite delicious. Graze is a subscription service were you pick what you like to eat and then receive a box of snacks at your doorstep. Check out my unboxing video and discover the new nutritious and yummy alternative.

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The Current: Summer Breeze

It’s finally summer. Seriously, this must be the first summer I’ve been excited about. Yes, I hate the sweat and the heat that drags me to the grave (+95°F); but I love the breeze, the rain and the bright daylight experienced during the month of June. Melting ice creams during purple skies of sunset and the Caribbean insects coming out of no where to annoy and/or bite you. It’s nice somehow…

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Smoothie Land

The cool Green Monster Cup, my friend Carmen got for me.

During College, I usually don’t have time to prepare breakfast or dinner. Sometimes I’d go to class with-out eating and this ends up in total hunger and lack of concentration. There had to be a fun and fast way to get all the vitamins and proteins. This motivated me to look up on what could I do to eat my favourite fruits and veggies every day.

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Heat Wonderland

Strawberry Nom Nom Dessert

My vacations have officially begun and the heat is terrible! Finishing work while being almost naked in front of two fans, drinking water from a gallon and crushing ice with my teeth. Definitely not a glamorous lifestyle. But so far so good. I’m feeling much better from the heat stroke that got me recently. I try to take care of myself but every summer I get some sort of disease caused by the high temperatures. Amidst this turmoil, I’ve been dealing not only with my physical health but also my mental health. I need to stop feeling guilty about trying to relax.

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Roots: towards 2011

I was the type of girl who wanted to avoid other people (at least on my head). Always carrying conspiracy theories against those that were my friends. Even if I liked them, sometimes I wanted to get rid of them. Surely these where not my thoughts as a child. I started this way of thinking once I reached thirteen. Before that age I was too busy drawing and writing on many of my little notebooks.

I wanted to skip high school because I hated those “lame and vain experiences” that I would come across in those years. Most of those years I spent reading and painting, trying to avoid humans because I thought most of the people my age were imbeciles (and I was right). A few people got attached to me somehow. Many simply wanted to be my friends because they though I looked “cool” and luckily I met people with which I could share different points of views. As the years went by I decided to socialize more often, reading less.

I didn’t want certain facts to become part of me. I stood fighting over certain matters that surrounded me those years. As vain as many things seemed, they affected my ways of thinking. Today I realize everything (good or lame) has shaped me into the monster I am today. But I still live inside my notebooks and colourful chiaroscuro reveries.

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