5 Reasons to love Kawaii Box +Giveaway

Behold, it’s time for October’s Kawaii Box unboxing as well as a Giveaway!

If you are a long time reader, you know I’ve featured the monthly subscription service were you get 10-12 cute products every month and how much joy it brings to me. If you are new to my blog, welcome to my odd corner of inspiration (enjoy your stay!).

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Youtube Updates +Giveaway winners!

Hello August! Much challenges await.
I’m finally giving quality time to my youtube account. If you like, you can subscribe to it. It will work hand in hand with De.Lirium. I will upload relevant videos linked with the blog content such as (Vlogs, Reviews, Hauls, Adventures). As well as more Creative Visions!

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The Current: Summer Breeze

It’s finally summer. Seriously, this must be the first summer I’ve been excited about. Yes, I hate the sweat and the heat that drags me to the grave (+95°F); but I love the breeze, the rain and the bright daylight experienced during the month of June. Melting ice creams during purple skies of sunset and the Caribbean insects coming out of no where to annoy and/or bite you. It’s nice somehow…

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