The Darkest Cosmetic Brands: A Guide for Gore-geous Ghouls

Today is finally Hallow’s Eve, tomorrow is not. But you don’t have to stop celebrating your favourite holiday. Why put aside your witch hat and black lips when you can have #halloweeneveryday? I’ve compiled a list of 19 brands of the trendiest, cruelty free, cosmetic companies. Whether it’s an indie brand or high end these will charm the darkly inclined all year round. You’re welcome.

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Triton Festival: Day 1

The Cruxshadows

The first night was great! I was in front row (Arena) for all the bands that night. Actually, it was the best night since I managed to take my camera inside the Gramercy Theatre during the event (sorry guys!). Happy me is happier with a camera in hand. Here’s what I wore on the first night, pictures of the event and a video. Let the show begin!

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