Mab’s Drawlloween: Day 1-13


Day 1: Zombie

October is usually my busiest month but I was looking forward to experiment on a daily basis. This year, I decided to give @mabgraves‘ Drawlloween prompts a go! The amazing amount of work I stumbled across #mabsdrawlloweenclub is outstanding! I love waking up to new art, it takes me back to art school. These are my sketches and illustrations from Day 1 to Day 13.

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The Darkest Cosmetic Brands: A Guide for Gore-geous Ghouls

Today is finally Hallow’s Eve, tomorrow is not. But you don’t have to stop celebrating your favourite holiday. Why put aside your witch hat and black lips when you can have #halloweeneveryday? I’ve compiled a list of 19 brands of the trendiest, cruelty free, cosmetic companies. Whether it’s an indie brand or high end these will charm the darkly inclined all year round. You’re welcome.

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Vision: Duende

Duende is an umbrella term for pixies, goblings and/or fairies in Puerto Rico. “¡Malditos duendes!” cursed an old man when things in his house disappeared out of the blue. Mischievous kids were referred to as duendes, tells my grandmother. If you got lost in the forest, duendes were to blame for luring you out of the path. There was a ludic and mysterious quality to these trickster creatures.

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NYC: Shows, Impressions and Places to Visit

This was my face for Day 3 of Triton Fest

Finally, here’s the last post of my NYC trip. Rants and memories from the last shows I attended (including a brief on Day 3 of Triton Festival and Peter Hook). My general impressions of New York. Plus a list of shops and other amusing things to see/visit in NYC.

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