Viewpoint: Sam Viloria

In a world where people share their success and hide their failures at all times, Sam Viloria challenges the viewer with the opposite. Unveil your anxiety and immerse into the whimsical work of this Los Angeles based, artist.
Come and feel the first interview of an all new season of Viewpoint.

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Viewpoint: Alice May B

It is with great elation that we reach the end of September; darker months ahead immerse us in occult visions. Take part into a fantastic journey filled with a myriad of creatures, devils and other Mythos. Hailing from Newcastle, the illustrative work of Alice May B is permeated with a mystical and vintage feel. Peek and discover how the past sets her creative atmosphere running.

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Viewpoint: Visceralmilk

my_delicate_mary_by_Visceralmilk my_little_doll_by_Visceralmilk

Just like the act of kissing a bitter-sweet wound. A work so delicate it’s anxious.

I’ve been in awe since my first encounter with multifaceted artist Mayra Josef seven years ago. After incessant visits to Visceralmilk‘s work in an act of feeding my soul with visual poetry I knew I had to share it (along an interview).

A fascinating world of glitter, dolls and lace awaits to be disturbed by the viewer. Experience and fade into deep emotions!

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Viewpoint: Naisa Gómez Plúguez

I developed a curiosity for Naisa’s style and characters years ago. I just couldn’t stop myself from craving more of her imaginative pieces. I’m pleased to bring you this little showcase of talented illustrator Naisa Gómez Plúguez along with my interrogation where she unravels her inspirations, her creative process and tools of trade.

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Viewpoint: Mariano Scapula

Detail from Legión, (2010)

Encounter Mariano Scapula’s textured sculptures as they take life. Artist based in the tropical island of Puerto Rico employs various polymers such as fiberglass and thermoplastic. With the use of gauze and acrylics he drives emotions into new three dimensional constructions. Witness his passion for art creation in this month’s interview.

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