The Tropical Darkness Collection

After many hours of work (behind the camera, post processing and designing) I’m proud to announce the launch of Tropical Darkness a Red Bubble exclusive collection!

Psychedelic patterns are formed with photographs I’ve taken of the many juxtaposed moods found in tropical nature. The deep colours of the caribbean now decorate useful paraphernalia such as leggings, scarves and bags. I’m literally obsessed with the final result.

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Blood Moon

I saw the moon! I wish I had the appropriate lens at the time to capture it. However, nothing like appreciating it’s beauty with a bare eye. I dedicate this to all those that slept under it’s light: Mom, Olga, Ray, Carmen… (to mention a few).

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3.2mp Phoneography

Last day

I enjoy the instantaneous feel of taking pictures with my 3.2 mega pixels Android phone. For those days when I don’t carry my Nikon, the phone camera is the one to capture those subtle, personal moments.

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