Style: Summer Hag

I’ve been hiding under umbrellas (in lack of parasols) and the shadow of trees for the past two months. Covered in sun-block, yet enjoying another all-black summer outfit.

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Style: Preppy Goth

This look was inspired by preppy style basics such as polo shirts, sweaters and plaid skirts. I’ve been building myself a basic black wardrobe for a long time, so obviously when I say preppy I also mean the dark counterpart.

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Triton Festival: Day 1

The Cruxshadows

The first night was great! I was in front row (Arena) for all the bands that night. Actually, it was the best night since I managed to take my camera inside the Gramercy Theatre during the event (sorry guys!). Happy me is happier with a camera in hand. Here’s what I wore on the first night, pictures of the event and a video. Let the show begin!

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My 10 Favorite Lookbook posts

Handmade spider tunic, worn during 2012 summer

Getting ready for my day can be fun and an excellent exercise for creativeness. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken pictures of what I’m wearing. I want to get back to documenting my favourite outfits and post them here on my blog (as well as lookbook).
I only posted pictures about it on lookbook, so it doesn’t hurt to make a summary of my favourite looks.

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