Roots: towards 2011

I was the type of girl who wanted to avoid other people (at least on my head). Always carrying conspiracy theories against those that were my friends. Even if I liked them, sometimes I wanted to get rid of them. Surely these where not my thoughts as a child. I started this way of thinking once I reached thirteen. Before that age I was too busy drawing and writing on many of my little notebooks.

I wanted to skip high school because I hated those “lame and vain experiences” that I would come across in those years. Most of those years I spent reading and painting, trying to avoid humans because I thought most of the people my age were imbeciles (and I was right). A few people got attached to me somehow. Many simply wanted to be my friends because they though I looked “cool” and luckily I met people with which I could share different points of views. As the years went by I decided to socialize more often, reading less.

I didn’t want certain facts to become part of me. I stood fighting over certain matters that surrounded me those years. As vain as many things seemed, they affected my ways of thinking. Today I realize everything (good or lame) has shaped me into the monster I am today. But I still live inside my notebooks and colourful chiaroscuro reveries.

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