Façade: Catacomb Kittens

Hello delirious readers. I’ve been ailing for the past three weeks. My desire to deposit my heart into the world wide web had faded until today. Inspiration lingers around but lack of energy rules my pneuma.
However, the weather decided over my work flow. At last it was cool enough to fire up my laptop and recharge my power levels.
Speaking of recharge, I spruced up the blog’s layout. ūüėÄ

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Blood Moon

I saw the moon! I wish I had the appropriate lens at the time to capture it. However, nothing like appreciating it’s beauty with a bare eye. I dedicate this to all those that slept under it’s light: Mom, Olga, Ray, Carmen… (to mention a few).

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Virtual Landscapes

I¬†don’t¬†know how many of you noticed, but the blog was down for almost five days!¬†Looks like bad luck with the virtual world has been by my side this spring.

I might change my host because I can’t cope with how slow wordpress runs under Godaddy’s hands. I’ve had no issues with the domain I bought from them a few years ago, but the web hosting is dreadful. I’ve¬†already¬†done some research but it would be great to know some input from those reading this.¬†Anyone recommends a blog friendly host?

Well enough talk about troubleshooting. Here a few pictures and a video to start saucing things up.

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Carmen’s Birthday Week

It feels like we’ve been celebrating Carmens’s birthday all week! It’s been an awesome experience for all of us. On Saturday we went to the river, ate a bunch and travelled around the island and yesterday we finally paid tribute to a new year in Carmen’s life along some ice cream. Here are some pictures I took with my phone (because I forgot to take the camera) but are nonetheless great bits of memories.

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Nail it!: Fairy Dust

Earlier this week I wanted to participate in Sophistique Noir’s monthly theme but I was busy working on other projects. I do recommend viewing the amazing things everyone blogged about this month since the theme was Vintage! For those curious, you can view a few entries I’ve tagged vintage on my blog here.

Another thing I want to talk about is Spring!

Spring is here with it’s sparkly dew. During dawn, a fairy sprinkles magic dust over the sleeping flowers. Inspired by this, I created two looks with glitter that I’m excited to share. Come see!

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