Style: The Suitcase

I want to share my experience on how I learnt to prioritise my goals without stopping my love for alternative style. A story about a suitcase and a no buying spree.
As a disclaimer, I’m not saying you must go this route, this is just the way things worked out for me.

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Vampire Season is here: Punkrave


It’s finally October and Fall is falling in place. I sat down in front the laptop with a piece of dark, chilli infused chocolate, a bit of tea and browsed for new gothic accoutrements. There’s something in the atmosphere that makes me want to splurge, perhaps and most notably the fact that the heat is slowly becoming less life threatening and clothes make sense again!
So instead of just eyeing the cyber aisles of black clad clothes by myself, I’m taking you with me. You might just fall in love with a bunch of things as well!

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Style: Talk about the weather

The weather behaved nicely over the past weekend. After months of hell-fire it’s finally pouring. Hence I merrily turned on the oven I call laptop in order to blog.
This was my last outfit post from Austin, TX. Fall hadn’t really begun there, but this was nice to wear in places with air conditioner.

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Style: Summer Hag

I’ve been hiding under umbrellas (in lack of parasols) and the shadow of trees for the past two months. Covered in sun-block, yet enjoying another all-black summer outfit.

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The Tropical Darkness Collection

After many hours of work (behind the camera, post processing and designing) I’m proud to announce the launch of Tropical Darkness a Red Bubble exclusive collection!

Psychedelic patterns are formed with photographs I’ve taken of the many juxtaposed moods found in tropical nature. The deep colours of the caribbean now decorate useful paraphernalia such as leggings, scarves and bags. I’m literally obsessed with the final result.

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Style: Preppy Goth

This look was inspired by preppy style basics such as polo shirts, sweaters and plaid skirts. I’ve been building myself a basic black wardrobe for a long time, so obviously when I say preppy I also mean the dark counterpart.

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