Between Mountains: Utuado, Puerto Rico

Greetings from my home-town.

Found myself between routines until I received a visit from Ray. An improvised adventure was born between mountains and lakes. Two adventurers trying to find a forest, even though we were in it most of the time. Here are the photos from a beautiful time in this tropical paradise at Utuado, Puerto Rico.

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NYC: Shows, Impressions and Places to Visit

This was my face for Day 3 of Triton Fest

Finally, here’s the last post of my NYC trip. Rants and memories from the last shows I attended (including a brief on Day 3 of Triton Festival and Peter Hook). My general impressions of New York. Plus a list of shops and other amusing things to see/visit in NYC.

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Triton Festival: Day 1

The Cruxshadows

The first night was great! I was in front row (Arena) for all the bands that night. Actually, it was the best night since I managed to take my camera inside the Gramercy Theatre during the event (sorry guys!). Happy me is happier with a camera in hand. Here’s what I wore on the first night, pictures of the event and a video. Let the show begin!

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Día de San Juan

Last week was el Día de San Juan. A super fun Monday spent with friends. We went to Old San Juan to do some local tourism and explore (as usual). We took La lancha from Hato Rey to San Juan and walked through el Paseo de la Princesa. Then we went inside the “Princess Prison”, flew kites and loled hard. Pictures and a video with kite flying action after the cut.

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Carmen’s Birthday Week

It feels like we’ve been celebrating Carmens’s birthday all week! It’s been an awesome experience for all of us. On Saturday we went to the river, ate a bunch and travelled around the island and yesterday we finally paid tribute to a new year in Carmen’s life along some ice cream. Here are some pictures I took with my phone (because I forgot to take the camera) but are nonetheless great bits of memories.

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The sea: Un día de playa

wearing my mother’s awesome sarong

Yesterday I went to the beach with some of my friends. I hadn’t been into the water for the longest time. And yes, I live in a tropical island!  As a kid I used to go to the beach a lot (almost weekly). Then I grew up, and going there was not my priority. One of the things I like about living in an island is the fact that I can go near the sea whenever I want to. Watching the sunset, or better yet looking at the dark horizon during night, it’s beautiful. The sea transports you. It’s sound, it’s smell, it’s texture. It is the sun I can’t stand!
Katiria and Carmen dragged me out of my comfort zone and took me to the beach, during a sunny-summer day. The only way to survive in such a place is dipping yourself into the water and hiding under it. Which I did! And it was quite fun!

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Tropical Batcaves: Cueva del Indio

It’s time for post number two! You can read everything about my first cave trip to Cueva Ventana here.

2. La Cueva del Indio
After an awesome morning at the fist cave it was time to change environment… well just a bit. So we went to our second cave after having lunch. If you go to this cave, PLEASE wear Climbing boots (or similar shoes prepared for this sort of walking) . I didn’t and my (fragile) feet ended up fucked up…

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