Style: Talk about the weather

The weather behaved nicely over the past weekend. After months of hell-fire it’s finally pouring. Hence I merrily turned on the oven I call laptop in order to blog.
This was my last outfit post from Austin, TX. Fall hadn’t really begun there, but this was nice to wear in places with air conditioner.

I quite miss the simple living experience I enjoyed back there. Surely, I try to adapt those discoveries and experiences onto my daily environment but I’m curious about how Autumn feels around those parts.

Speaking of such, this look is too warm to wear it during any November day in Puerto Rico (the weather is still too hot… unless it’s raining) but it does embodies the whole basic autumn look for me. The main event this day was going early-halloween shopping (ended up buying underwear instead XD). The look consists of 3 main elements: a “Little black dress”,  black witchy flats and black tights. This type of look is always cute and you can rotate your accessories or add a jacket to change it’s vibe.

Rundown On the lips: Jeffree Star Matte Lipstick in Weirdo. Dress found at Marshalls. Tights: Hot Topic (years ago). Shoes: thrifted.

These few days I’ve been feeling a bit ill and all I want to do is indulge in ice cream and listen to A Line That Connects by Lycia while I watch the sun set behind the mountains. How’s the weather for you? ♥

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    1. Thank you, Laura!
      This October was the warmest reported in Puerto Rico reaching up to 40C as well. Getting dressed with-out being undressed gets more challenging every year in this Planet. XD