Tenebra Boutique Top 10 favourites and 10% off code!

This Dress is the epitome of love

I work for Tenebra Boutique, an alternative/dark fashion store that focuses in providing high quality items that are hard to find locally. Most of them are unique or limited edition, that’s why Tenebra encourages fans to act fast.

It was hard to choose just 10 items from all the things I love from the store (all the corsets and wallets are to die for!).

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When I laid my eyes on this corset I fell in love with it’s amazing craftsmanship and use of materials!

The Munsters Family Portrait Tee is one of my favourites, I love the font colour!

I love the texture of this corset! *0*

This is such a beautiful blouse/dress with a Victorian feel! <3

This unique tailored vest is pure elegance, it has amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail!

Lace and Satin makes me think of vampires. <3

I love the skull pattern of this romantic shirt.

This glow in the dark dress is awesome! I can’t stop thinking how epic this would look as a Halloween costume. 😀

Nosferatu! Need I say more?

Tenebra Boutique ships world wide. So if any of my dear readers has fallen in love with Tenebra’s offerings, here’s a discount code valid during the Halloween season.

Use code SPOOKY13 at check out for 10% Off Sitewide!

What’s your favourite item? ♥

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