The colour of corpse lips: Taupe Swatches

If gothic beauty trends are a thing, owning a ghoul-like lipstick is definitely one of the basics (as much as black) for those neutral days. Insert sting.
Apparently I’ve been building a Taupe Lipstick collection? Here are some swatches featuring Cruelty Free brands that rock the mysterious cool toned chocolate hues.

A well loved collection.

Colourpop Wet Lippie Pencil ► The lip product that started this whole taupe-obsession. Originally bought it to use it with Sebastian. Later on discovered that when worn under KVD’s Piaf it made the lipstick last longer. On a downside: the pencil formula brakes into pieces whenever I sharpen it.

Colourpop Kapow ► is a Matte Liquid Lipstick that once it dries can last all day. I’m currently head over heels over this shade and finish.

Kat Von D Piaf ► is a Matte Finish Chocolate with Purple Glitter. I though it was THE perfect Fall hue, but now I’m claiming it all year-round!

Colourpop Wet Lippie Stix ► has a Satin Finish and is the less opaque of the bunch which makes it the perfect shade to layer over EVERYTHING. Worn alone makes for a cute dark nude.

OCC Sebastian ► While I absolutely love the colour I’m not a fan of the gloss-like formula. Practically speaking, it never really dries down causing it to smear all over.

See these lipsticks in action on these makeup looks (Click the picture for product details):

I was curious of Soul from Colour Rained. Judging from the swatches I’ve seen, it fits the deadly kiss bill though I’m afraid it might be a pricey dupe for the ones I already own. A new one I’ve considered purchasing is Scorpio by Jeffree Star Cosmetics which looks like straight greyish purple. Lastly, a recent addition in my collection is Embellishment Lip Lingerie from Nyx Cosmetics. It is a gorgeous shade of taupe leaning nude purple.

In the eye-shadow realm there have been plenty more options available, but (as a bonus) these three are the ones I’m currently obsessing over.

Depending on the undertones of the lipstick, I think this is a shade everyone can wear. From pastel, to dark and brooding purple based taupes.
So what do you think, do you like the dead lip look? ♥

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  1. I actually prefer brownish (usually dark ones though) lipsticks to black ones (ok, losing goth points here, I see…) and you definitely have some I didn’t see before, nice collection!