Of cats and men

Admiration and dishonest adoration:
From Anatoli Zverev 1933-1986, russian painter whom i love. I can’t find much on the net from this artist but I scanned two works featured on a magazine I own Literatura Soviética 1989, one of them titled “Natasha” and also my favourite. 


I’ve never been a fan of Marylin Manson.. but he is a great artist and these are gorgeous!

And my latest interest: Remedios Varo 1908-1963. I love her surrealism, pulsating colors communicating filaments of subtle psychological emotions. Another cat lover.

…and in other topics:

this man is god to me
(at least for this week, here photographed by Siren Lauvdal a few years ago)

More inspiration


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    Marylin needs moar cats.
    I have spotted two cats in Varo’s works, and I dig the plane-shift on his first one. Euclid would approve of this.

    Also, is that Ishan on the last one? Oo