The Current: Now and Again

Say hello to temporary fairy hair.

Migraine in my plate. I must really go to an eye-doctor before I loose my mind XD

Apart from that: much to do! So here are two pictures under the cut.

Finally is up and running. I’m using my tumblr as a host for a while.


I think I have a new addiction apart from chocolate!

What? No more photos? Meh, I should be doing a lot of work… But I promise a nice post to come very soon.

More inspiration


    1. I bet Portugal has got the most amazing selection of candies in the world. I’ve been obsessing over visiting Portugal for a while! I would even go there just to eat :D. These Marzypan treats are from Mexico. They can’t be found in Puerto Rico either. 🙁

      And thank you! ♥