The Current: Summer Breeze

It’s finally summer. Seriously, this must be the first summer I’ve been excited about. Yes, I hate the sweat and the heat that drags me to the grave (+95°F); but I love the breeze, the rain and the bright daylight experienced during the month of June. Melting ice creams during purple skies of sunset and the Caribbean insects coming out of no where to annoy and/or bite you. It’s nice somehow…

Let’s start by announcing the two lucky winners from this giveaway! Erin and Kinga, I’ll be sending emails your way. Hope you enjoy the prizes. ^=^

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I tried making these pentagram earrings last month. I was drooling over all the huge pentagram earrings I’ve seen on etsy. Mine were made with electric black tape, as an answer to not having leather or glow in the dark plastic. 😛

Bought the cutest bows ever from Starry Eyed Boutique as a B-day present for my self, last month. I got a space bow, a zebra bow and a pvc black bow. I need to wear them to death *_*!

Here’s a blurry picture of my friends at a secret baby shower festivity that Samari prepared for our soon-to-give-birth friend Katiria. She lives in United States so we are sending her a video of the party. Much fun! I just hope I’m not spoiling the surprise with this photo. D:’

I found this fun little project over at Marielle’s blog and decided to give it a try to see if I can start my days with energy and joy. You can see what this is all about here. I did a little modification to it and added another dice so I could have more options. 😛

The thrift store is open! I’m selling second hand, vintage and customized items at really low prices at Dysinter. I will be adding many more items during the months of June and July. You can check it out here. ★

I’ve been making a lot of icy fruit salads lately! They are like frozen smoothies with chunks of fruit! ^_^

Finally, I want to share with you these blogs I’ve just discovered from people I know in real life:

Adorable Claudia writes Discombobulated, a blog that just kicked off with a Zombie Week (do I need to say more?) in which she is reviewing Zombie flicks. Whenever I think of Claudia I remember her laugh or my sudden LOLs, generated from conversations I have with her. She’s definitely a nifty person whether is off screen or on skates and I admire her so. I’m sure her blog will become bloody awesome!

Cute Melly writes As sweet as a Maraschino Cherry, a place were she shares her passions including pin-up fashion. With a journalist approach she tells real life experiences and style tips that use sarcasm and politeness wisely. You’ll enjoy Melanie’s bright outlook, so head on to her blog!

Hope you’re all having a bright weekend. Fruit-bat hugs! ♥

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    1. Awwy, Thanks so much Crissy!
      For the salad on the first picture I used a cantaloupe, cut it in half and scooped out the fruit. Cut thin pieces of cantaloupe and then I poured a smoothie I made with ice, frozen strawberry, banana and blueberry yoghurt. Strawberry to garnish 😛
      *mouth watering as I explain*

  1. Tus posts coloridos me iluminan el dia me gustaria probar una de esas famosas ensaladas tuyas. I think you did a really great job on the pentagram earrings and I’m in love with those bows though I always wonder if they’d look silly on me I’ve always wanted one of Chubby Bunnies Hello Kitty bows. That was very thoughtful of you all to hold that secret party for your Friend I’m sure she will appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. I really like the – “The Wake Up List” idea however I’ve got mine down once I finish hitting the snooze button I turn the computer on & play Lineplay & that always motivates me. Happy Summer to you! Por aca apenas ah empezado la lluvia por la energia de Crisis que pasamos. <3

    1. That sounds like a fun way of waking up! ^^
      Y sii espero puedas probar un smooothie-salad, hoy mismo prepare otra diferente. 😀

      Gracias Sophie, happy summer for you too!