The Darkest Cosmetic Brands: A Guide for Gore-geous Ghouls

Today is finally Hallow’s Eve, tomorrow is not. But you don’t have to stop celebrating your favourite holiday. Why put aside your witch hat and black lips when you can have #halloweeneveryday? I’ve compiled a list of 19 brands of the trendiest, cruelty free, cosmetic companies. Whether it’s an indie brand or high end these will charm the darkly inclined all year round. You’re welcome.

Rituel de Fille New brand inspired by magic and spellbinding pigment. Perfect for Powerful Witches in love with dark aesthetics.

Concrete Minerals The most versatile, ultra pigmented eyeshadows I’ve laid hands on. 100% Vegan. Their Zombie Girl and Sugar Skull Collections come in edgy metal tins. While their Wicked eyeshadow will fulfil all your darkest desires. Read my review here.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Vegan Matte Liquid Lipsticks with intense colours and witchy names. See me wearing 3 Witches.

Black Widow Balm Texas made Lip Balms with your choice of colours (like Black and Indigo) and essential oils such as cloves, cinnamon, Voodoo, Black magic or Kiss of death. Check out my current embalming fluid.

Necromancy Cosmetica Handmade Spooky Lipsticks from Puerto Rico with niche colours such as Necromantia (Matte Metallic Blue), Naked Witch (nude grey) and Segunda Plaga (Matte Frog Green). Still haven’t tried them but check out a review by goth beauty Reeree Philips on youtube.

Makeup Monsters Find your dose of spooky and pigmented colour with the large selection of matte liquid lipsticks from the ever growing brand. Send me Titan while you’re at it.

Detrivore Cosmetics Now available through Shiro Cosmetics web store. Detrivore offers mineral eyeshadow collections with names such as The Blood Countess, Krampus and October Rust (Type O Negative songs turned into eyeshadows!)

Rebels Refinery Get moisturisers, organic skull charcoal soaps and lip balms for the gentleman (while donating to Prostate Cancer Canada). Decadently chic packaging too!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab The finest purveyors of Oil Fragance with a high dose of literature and whimsy. Dont know where to start? How about with La Santa Muerte.

Portland Black Lipstick Company One of the first goth friendly, indie brands I fell in love with. Check out my swatch party here to see why.

Morgana Cryptoria Recommended to me by Anya and her sister. Offers unique lipstick colours with great formula.

Notoriously Morbid The Morbid indie brand has got you covered with ghoulish highlighters, contours, eyeshadows and more. Some of their Notorious eyeshadow collections include sets inspired by NIN, Rob Zombie, David Bowie, and Type O Negative.

Nero Cosmetics Vegan Pigments for the lips in the most ˈɡäTHik shades such as Phantasm (pearlized royal blue with silver), Banshee (blackened plum with pink, silver and purple multi dimensional glitter) and Nevermore (black patent).

Black Moon Cosmetics The recently launched brand (as of last Harvest Moon in September) offers whipped, liquid, matte lipsticks in shades like Sanguis (blue-based blood red), Derranged (deep burgundy red) and Purgatory (dark purple) that smell like vanilla cake.

Medusa’s Makeup These guys have been around for a while and now carry a large selection of mostly vegan products including brushes, eye make up remover and of course makeup.

Illamasqua Cult, high end brand known for quality and dramatic colour pay off. Supporters of the S.O.P.H.I.E Foundation. Their lookbooks are drop dead fantastic. Check out their most recent: Equinox .

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Possibly the makeup brand with the most creative packaging design on this list. Lunatick Labs truly celebrates ghoulish beauty 24/7 with their coffin shaped palettes, the planchette HD pressed powder and their epic, new contour palette. They take pride in high quality formulas and dark aesthetics.

Kat Von D The dark sensibilities of this brand are all over. From the names, the colours and packaging design. Read more about my obsession.

LASplash The least alternative brand on this list, known for it’s Harry Potter inspired lipsticks (no longer available) gets a shout-out due to their just released Dia de Los Muertos Collection. A Limited Edition, waterproof collection featuring deep almost duo chrome looking liquid lipsticks.

Disclaimer: I know there are a TON of other alternative/goth friendly brands, but this list has to end somewhere in order to be posted today! XD

Share with me other alternative brands that celebrate the kooky and the spooky. I’d love to know which are your favourites (as well as your favourite products)!

Happy Halloween, darlings! ♥


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