The sea: Un día de playa

wearing my mother’s awesome sarong

Yesterday I went to the beach with some of my friends. I hadn’t been into the water for the longest time. And yes, I live in a tropical island!  As a kid I used to go to the beach a lot (almost weekly). Then I grew up, and going there was not my priority. One of the things I like about living in an island is the fact that I can go near the sea whenever I want to. Watching the sunset, or better yet looking at the dark horizon during night, it’s beautiful. The sea transports you. It’s sound, it’s smell, it’s texture. It is the sun I can’t stand!
Katiria and Carmen dragged me out of my comfort zone and took me to the beach, during a sunny-summer day. The only way to survive in such a place is dipping yourself into the water and hiding under it. Which I did! And it was quite fun!

We went to Isabela

Katiria and Carmen after the sunblock treatment

Getting sandy under a palm tree

Also joining us, Myreisa!

Burning my feet, literally!

All of  us (well just the girls, Javier was in the water the whole time)

All in all we had so much fun in the water that I forgot to take more photos… but anyway I wasn’t gonna take my camera in the water! After talking about Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and singing songs from our favourite TV shows during childhood (water was filled with nostalgia, it seems!) we celebrated the end of our salty day with an evening at the Movie Theater. Batman’s new movie release The Dark Knight Rises was pretty good even though it was a capitalist adaptation.

Do I want to go back to the water? Sure thing!

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