Waves: Thy Spectrum, a Brand New Blend of Psychedelic

Thy Spectrum's EP
Heads up to the local Metal scene of Puerto Rico as well as those looking for something fresh from the music oven. Thy Spectrum has released the first EP aimed to stimulate your mind.

Thy Spectrum's Orlando Giovanni Lugo

Veteran guitarist Orlando Lugo (Past: Swallow the Nazarene, In Emptiness, among other bands) recently shared with me his new sonic endeavours: Thy Spectrum. A solo project that blends Instrumental Psychedelic Metal with-out ignoring his undying ardor to second wave black metal influences such as Burzum.

The first EP (released during early December 2015) feels like a little companion to your journey through altered state of consciousness. Ode of Sorrow begins wrapping your senses into pure ambient beauty.
Progressive yet melodic elements build an atmosphere for the guitars as Lugo shreds piercing passages.
Closure is reached in my favourite cut Spectral Voyage as you navigate an ethereal space made of layers of smoke.
There’s a darkness in these compositions, but there’s also an experimental approach to light. Specifically reflected light, the one that can be found at night.

The whole piece flows and truly permits an experience. It’s an excellent beginning for all that is to come for Thy Spectrum. The live performing band (Orlando Lugo, Mary Perez and Amari Candela) are currently looking for a drummer and are eager to hit the stage during 2016.

Listen and Buy the EP on bandcamp.

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