My 10 Favorite Lookbook posts

Handmade spider tunic, worn during 2012 summer

Getting ready for my day can be fun and an excellent exercise for creativeness. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken pictures of what I’m wearing. I want to get back to documenting my favourite outfits and post them here on my blog (as well as lookbook).
I only posted pictures about it on lookbook, so it doesn’t hurt to make a summary of my favourite looks.

From the oldest (Back in 2009) to the newest (2012).
You can click on them to view them on lookbook.

A red, black and white college outfit. Leopard and skulls.

A flower dress I had made. Evidence post.

Outfit I wore for the Black and White Ball. I made the arm warmers and the stuffed bow, (evidence).

A date outfit. Balloon plaid dress that the beloved had gifted me.

Another date outfit with a customized cincher and bow.

Outfit for this party (video evidence).

College outfit (details on lookbook).

Zombie look for an early Halloween party.

Work outfit from 2011, back when I worked in Hot Topic.

A back to school outfit from 2012 with a Mexican dress.

I like to wear things that cheer me up, mix patterns, wear “the colours I’m feeling” that day… or all at once! Looking at these does bring such nice memories. πŸ˜€
Check them all here.

Does looking at past outfits (or clothes) give you nostalgia as well? β™₯

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  1. You’re amazing! I wish I had more pictures of my “creative” days haha! I have dressed more or less like you from 16 years old to 21 and then I became serious all of sudden. Aaah what a grown-up life can do to you! >< I only used to take pictures when I went to the club, so I don't have much memories (even though I used to go clubbing more than once a week in some periods XD) I love these kind of posts anyway, looking back it's always a good thing when you do it to realize that you are better now, or to have a look at your life path and how you got to this moment you're living now, and even to remember some things that you may have left back but that would be wise to pick up again. :*

    1. Aww thanks for this lovely point of view, truly the past cant help us grow and envision better things for our day to day life (or in this case outfits). πŸ™‚

  2. Love the Mexican dress! Also I noticed that you wear black boots with red laces in your second picture. I was always told it holds an association with the skinhead movement & white supremacy. I don’t want to be offensive in any way with my comment, but was just wondering if you are aware what it could mean to some people?

    1. Thank you Marielle. πŸ™‚

      I didn’t know about the symbols in the skinhead movement. I just googled about their “shoelace code”. I hope my shoe laces didn’t offend anyone that day. It would be terrible to be related to racial prejudice or white power skinheads!
      Thanks for sharing that info.

      1. Well I love the combination of red white and black myself too, and I am sure people who are familiar with the shoe code don’t necessarily think you will know as well. I felt a bit weird commenting that information, but I just didn’t want you to get into a bad situation because of it. I am happy you took it well πŸ™‚