TOP 14 Albums of the Year 2014

The best way to conclude 2014 is by sharing my favourite albums of the year. Without further ado, prepare your ears and enjoy yourselves.

by The Flatfield
This Layered Classic Goth Rock Album is haunting. Electric guitar feedbacks and atmospheres paired with sexy bass lines, catchy synths and drums that move your body, a deep voice that mesmerises your soul (often revisits a ‘Stigmata Martyr’-esque shriek act). The Flatfield comes from Finland to fill your room with depth. Capturing and highlighting the genre for a “new time”. Passionless is their Debut album, so go figure what should come next!
Highlights: “The Witch”, “New Time” and “Praise”.

Dangerous Days
How does Cool and Awesome Sound Like? Press Play.

by Keluar
Cold Wave act from Germany that always keeps me curious about their upcoming music.
Highlights: “Vitreum”, “Rupture” and “Cleo”.

Kitsune EP
by Buscabulla
Artschool Sexy/Funky Music from a Puerto Rican couple now living in Brooklyn.

by Sadistik
Seattle (melo)dramatic, dark rapper with visual metaphors that reference dark literature, art and movies (Clockwork Orange much?). My cup of tea. There’s trip hop and new wave soundscapes going on. The production is suberp and the lyrics are brought to life with a cold-apathetic feel. Features include Yes Alexander, Lotte Kestner and Tech N9Ne. Overall this album stood as the perfect companion to my routinary moody nights in the city.
Highlights: “Cult Leader”, “1984”, “The Rabbithole”, “Nowhere” and “Chemical Burns”.

The Kingdom Field
by Darkher
Prophecy’s description is legit: “Female fronted darkness”.

Melting Sun
by Lantlôs
I woke up to this album many days. I still do.

No help is coming
by Deadlife
Highlights: “Alone” and “Set The Blood Free”

Brunn creates a fairy-like blend of melodic post-black metal. This EP really sets the mood for the impending winter. It’s young, fresh, feminine and cold. The juxtaposed concept and the atmospheres created with layers of reverb and church like choruses kicked off with the right foot. It’s a sharp beginning.
Read my entire review here.
Highlights: “Dybt I Skoven”, “Nattens Barn”, and “Latvian Fegurð”.

Sacred White Noise
by Thantifaxath
Debut from Canadian black metal trio. WOW

Fuckers / Dream Baby Dream
by Savages
A two track EP on my top 14 albums? Yeah, it’s that powerful!

by Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows
Beautiful, heartfelt and painful. It’s dark and fragile and rescues all the things I’ve loved about Sopor Aeternus since the first time. Words, Sound and Vision are always on point. It comes as no surprise, Mitternacht is THE darkwave/goth masterpiece of the year!
Listen to Album here.

The Serpent and the Sphere
by Agalloch
It’s hard to explain why Agalloch’s music is excellent. This album is definitely “agallo-chy” (a black folk of their own with beautiful drum, and guitar lines exploring sounds from their outer dimension) yet sounds completely new.
I will just urge you to listen to the album yourself. For me, It was love at first ear.
Plus this digi-release features beautiful photography, painting, illustrations and design.
Highlights: “Birth and Death of the Pillars of Creation”, “Vales Beyond Dimension”, “Celestial Effigy” and “Dark Matter Gods”

by Solstafir
See Review and Unboxing Here
Highlights: Full Album!

Honourable Mentions

► Alcest – Shelter [Because Love]
► An Autumn For Crippled Children – Try Not To Love Everything You Destroy EP
► Angels of Liberty – Touch The Daemon EP [Because Goth]
► Doom:VS – Earthless [Because Doom Despair]
► EARTH – Primitive and Deadly [Because Doom Voyage]
► Kall – Kall
► Salome’s Dance – Salome’s Dance
► Taake – Stridens Hus
► Panopticon – Roads to the North
► Woods of Desolation – As The Stars
► Septicflesh – Titan [Because Septicflesh and god-damn I waited so long for this album!]
► Deine Lakaien – Crystal Palace
► Atriarch – An Unending Pathway
► Julianna Barwick – Rosabi EP
► Cult of Youth – Final Days

What are your personal favourites this year?
What have I missed (any recommendations)? ♥

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