Triton Festival: Day 2

On day two of the Triton Festival, I was not able to take my camera to the show (guess I was too lucky the first day). Not having my camera totally sucked… However here are a few phone pictures and a super short video of LAM’s performance, as well as what I wore.

I wore three skirts this time and some old leg-wear on my arms. Opted for my trusty and most comfortable boots; these Dr. Martens won’t rip apart.

Here’s a make up close up. The lace head-band was actually a very pretty portion of some underwear. I added the pearl necklace I wore the first day on my head as well.

derp face


On our way to the show.

THE SHOW (in phone vision):

The Venue

I was totally looking forward to Ego Likeness performance. They rocked! I would love to see them again, because they are awesome musicians/artists/people. *fanmode* ♥

I managed to get Donna Lynch’s autograph. I hope to get Steven Archer’s next time.

Psyclon Nine were very entertaining as their vocalist Nero Bellum went crowd surfing and was pretty approachable during the show. I missed their earlier dark electro sound. On a note to self: I’m not fond of the North-American-crossover-bands-trend that now have an industrial metal sound meets black metal aesthetic; seems boring to me.

I danced during the whole Faderhead set. These two Germans truly know how to party! Go see them live, your body will not regret it. 😀

Sean from London After Midnight and me. Picture credit by Willie, Thank you! (I just added loads of contrast to the picture).

LAM‘s performance was beautiful. I just gazed in amazement.

Here’s a picture from The Birthday Massacre. At this point I just wanted to get back home and sleep…

This is a very short video montage of what I recorded with my phone from the marvellous LAM performance:

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    1. I’m following your tour dates. Which ever matches with my next vacations will do. Because I have to travel to the States in order to be there anyway.
      Thanks so much for making such a memorable evening on stage. ♥